ToBeLT is our effort to inspire people to think about the Lithuanian identity and connection with cultural and national heritage from modern perspective. Our mission is to inspire people to find unique relation with national roots and understand that even in the current modern world we can find space for Lithuanian identity.

Jurgis Didziulis

My dream is for people to realize that being Lithuanian is cool and that it is great to belong, to be a part of community. So let’s be friends!

Agne Vertelkaite
Project Manager

“Lithuanian community is like a big family to me! I believe that no matter where we are we have to cherish it. This project is an opportunity for me to look at Lithuanian identity in a different way!”

Akvile Bartaseviciute
Project Coordinator

Working on ToBeLT project helps me understand Lithuanian identity differently – in a broader way, not restricted by borders of the state, language or traditions.

Kostas Kanapeckas
Photography, management

I make sure our concerts are of impecable sound quality, because we want to celebrate Lithuania loud and proud!

Algis Drema
Sound Engineer

I want to capture Lithuanian world, and help people visualize global Lithuania.

Laurynas Mataitis

Every Lithuanian sequence is different, but also very intimate and close to me. My goal is not only to create a film, but more importantly to tell a story of Lithuanian identity and what is important to us.

Karolis Labutis
Video Editor