Lithuanian identity is our nation’s riches. More work we put into it, bigger it is. This is why we invite everyone to touch and cherish of Lithuanian identity.
If you believe in Lithuania without borders, global Lithuanian community and our global family, support us! We believe that by working together we can restore, raise and cherish active Lithuanian communities all around the world! Each and every help from you is really important to us and it proves how much we can all do together. Because when we are together, we are powerful!

You can donate any amount you choose – 5 Eur support is also important to us!

When making a money order the links below will transfer your money to VšĮ ,,INAS” (Company code 302473040), which runs the To Be LT project.


Our project seeks to foster a global Lithuanian community, one that is not defined by geographic borders. To achieve this goal, we need your assistance!
We’d really appreciate your support, be it by financial assistance or soft resources, such as sharing your experiences or helping with any helpful tips or ideas.

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