First impressions from our journey: a surprising discovery at Hollywood Studios

October 4, 2017

We began our journey to the West Coast USA on the 28th of September, seeking to capture wonderful ways of fostering Lithuanian identity abroad. Our first few days have been very productive – we’ve met lots of inspiring people, participated at the annual Lithuanian Fair known as “LT Days”, had a chance to tour the famed “Warner Bros” studios, created a new anthem for our project, and even connected with newly found relatives One of the most surprising discoveries was waiting for us at “Warner Bros” studios. Somewhere between sitting on a famous “Friends” TV series sofa and holding the real Oscar, we found ‘Kanklės’ – a national Lithuanian plucked string instrument (similar to chordophone). There it was, tucked away in one of the studio exposition rooms. Even though no one could tell us the history of how the instrument got there, it was a pleasure seeing a signs of Lithuanian identity in Hollywood.
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