,,ToBeLT” journey begins: the project has been launched at Presidential Palace

August 22, 2017

Project “ToBeLT” has grown into a big community movement. What started as a project seeking to celebrate Lithuanian roots, has grown into a movement that is redefining how we speak about our national identity in the global context and empowering anyone who feels a connection to Lithuania. As our mission grows, we seek to visit several Lithuanian communities around the world, beginning a new dialogue about more inclusive national identity, celebrating Lithuanian heritage and documenting what it means “To Be Lithuanian” around the worldFollowing the tone set by the official ‘ToBeLT’ project kick-off at Presidential Palace, where all the participants had brought something to share with all the other guests, we want to empower everyone to contribute to building national identity all of us can enjoy. To foster this movement, we urge everyone to contribute, share stories and help us capture what it means ‘To Be Lithuanian’ around the world.
We want to discover what being Lithuanian means to those who feel Lithuanian while living far away from the country. We want to show that Lithuania is one big community.
Our first destination is already confirmed – West Coast, USA Lithuanian community is waiting for us at the end of September.
To see, hear and read about how our mission progresses, follow our journey by visiting our website and social media sites frequently. Surely, an adventure awaits!
* If you want to support our initiative – learn how you can contribute by going to www.tobe.lt/en/support